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Poster: Doug The Thug Date: Sep 24, 2015 3:38pm
Forum: faqs Subject: deletion request

I was attempting to post an album and the uploader got stuck at about 28 MB of 660MB, so I left the page, and hoped it would not have created the page by then. That was not the case, however, and I would like to try again.

Can you please remove this one?:

Edit: I tried again after this. This time I disabled some browser plugins that may have interfered, but it still didn't work.
So I will need to have this page deleted as well:

I did not just edit these pages after creating them because adding the files after the initial page construction seemed to not make any of the derivative files, like MP3, ogg, etc.

The good news is that I tried a different computer after those first two attempts and it has worked, for the most part.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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